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Halloween project idea

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Speaking of projects, here is my Hallowing project that will not be finished this year :(

I was planning on creating "lurking eyes" that will be placed in my front yard's shrubbery.

The idea was to place 4 sets of LEDs, orange and red, on a 2" x 2" boards. LEDs would be divided by thin black strips of plastic and covered with white diffusing piece of plastic. The sequence would create an illusion that the eyes are opening and closing.

The boards would have LEDs, transistors, and some additional logic to cut down number of required wires to a minimum.

Since you get 10-12 boards from Seeed, you would have 5-6 pairs of eyes. Add couple of motors that will rattle or shake some shrubs, and you have a very nice decoration for Halloween night.




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Nice idea. I had a similar one a couple years back that I didn't complete either. :oops:


I think I posted it here at some point. At any rate, the prop was to be hidden in the shrubs next to our walkway. The sequence would be:

- Candy-beggars are sensed (photocell, PIR, whatever)

- 'Rumble motor' taped to a branch is triggered to rustle the shrub briefly, attracting attention

- LED eyes fade in slowly

- Suddenly, LED eyes go full-bright, several high-brightness white LEDs flash 3-4 times, and rumble motor triggers full power, hopefully frightening the handout-seeking hordes enough for me to conserve my candy. (I do love leftovers! :twisted: )


These eyes would make a great improvement on that theme. :thumbup:

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