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Small Compilation Error Please Help

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sorry about that. im using the Red MSP-EXP432P401R . using the latest version of Energia on windows

you think you can help me port these 2 lines of code to energia? i failed to find anything online and i already looked at the Porting an Arduino library to Energia  guide. 

TCCR1B = (TCCR1B & 0xF8) | 1 ; //generates the MCKL signal

analogWrite (clock, 128) ;

i mean, there should be a way to "generate the MCLK signal" using energia right? any help would be great

P.S. i have 'clock' = pin 6 on msp432 (supposed to be my MCLK pin, not sure if its the proper Pin to use)

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According to the data-sheet of the MS5540C, the MCLK is a 32.768 kHz square-wave signal to be provided by the MCU. 

I don’t whether and the MSP432 provides such signal. You will need to dig deep into the data sheet of the MSP432.

Is there a particular reason for using that specific sensor? The most popular barometer sensor is the Bosch BMP280, with a large choice of libraries for Energia. 

According to the data-sheet of the MS5540C, this sensor is specific for swimming watches, hence the availability of the 32.768 kHz square-wave signal. 

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