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Small Compilation Error Please Help

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sorry about that. im using the Red MSP-EXP432P401R . using the latest version of Energia on windows

you think you can help me port these 2 lines of code to energia? i failed to find anything online and i already looked at the Porting an Arduino library to Energia  guide. 

TCCR1B = (TCCR1B & 0xF8) | 1 ; //generates the MCKL signal

analogWrite (clock, 128) ;

i mean, there should be a way to "generate the MCLK signal" using energia right? any help would be great

P.S. i have 'clock' = pin 6 on msp432 (supposed to be my MCLK pin, not sure if its the proper Pin to use)

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According to the data-sheet of the MS5540C, the MCLK is a 32.768 kHz square-wave signal to be provided by the MCU. 

I don’t whether and the MSP432 provides such signal. You will need to dig deep into the data sheet of the MSP432.

Is there a particular reason for using that specific sensor? The most popular barometer sensor is the Bosch BMP280, with a large choice of libraries for Energia. 

According to the data-sheet of the MS5540C, this sensor is specific for swimming watches, hence the availability of the 32.768 kHz square-wave signal. 

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You should be able to do this with driverlib. You will have to source timer_a from ACLK which in it's turn can be sourced from LFXTCLK which is the 32.768 kHz crystal on the MSP432 LaunchPad. You should be able to find some examples by googling.

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