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Raw ECG Signal Processing with MSP430

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I am working on a project where I am trying to acquire ECG data for further analysis. Using AD8232 sensor I was able to get my raw data. So far I am using MSP430F5438A and my compiler is Code Composer Studio (CCS). I was asking if anyone did the next processing like filtering to remove noise and interference, at msp430. Can you please share your work (Analysis algorithm and Code)? Here in the attachment the graph of the raw data I am getting from my sensor (ADC values actually).

Following is the link to AD8232 sensor datasheet:



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I think you first need to assess the signal quality at the output of the amplifier with an oscilloscope, to me it looks like that electrode contact may be bad or the electrodes may be misplaced (assuming the signal is not from a simulator). I would not expect this much noise in the output from the amplifier - IMO you need a far cleaner signal to start with before any analysis can be done, except perhaps be able to extract the heart rate.

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Actually, I am using the AD8232 sensor that has 3 electrodes. I don't think I'll get better data than that (Might get a little bit better). So I need to do filtering to remove the noise. Do you have any idea how to do that processing in MSP430? Thanks for your response.   

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One "easy way" is increase the sampling rate and use some moving average or exponential moving average. It's possible to use it without increase the sampling, but will interfere a lot in the waveform.

Another way is apply some IIR or FIR filter. You can try my DSP library in this post https://forum.43oh.com/topic/10495-dsp-and-math-lib/

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I'd start with a literature search.  Just Googling "DSP ECG" throws up some relevant articles, starting with: https://www.intechopen.com/books/applications-of-digital-signal-processing/a-dsp-practical-application-working-on-ecg-signal  (I always start with a literature search.)

Following the citations in the above article brings up standard arrhythmia data sets at http://physionet.org/physiobank/database/mitdb/

You don't mention your application - medical (POC, personal arrhythmia alarm), excercise, JFA...I agree that your measurement data looks very suspect - there's lots of ECG traces on the 'net.

There are also youtube videos, arduino sketches, RPi code for this application ... google "AD8232"

I'd start with matlab & co. to develop the filtering algorithm (though you may find a perfectly good one with a web search).  Only after you have it working on a PC would I worry about MSP code.


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