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MSP430G2553 PWM Accuracy

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I need to have a very accurate PWM frequency generated with my MSP430G2553IRHB32R.  I'm shooting for 25.1khz.  However, when running on different boards, I can see variances of up to 3khz in the frequency.  I understand this is due to the slight inaccuracy in the processor's internal clock.  So, I would like to attach an external crystal or oscillator to it but don't know how.  I've read a couple places that say that this chip doesn't support a crystal, but that I could use an oscillator.

The questions I have is how does one connect the oscillator, and what code changes are necessary to take advantage of the oscillator?


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See slaa322c.pdf at TI.com.  Also look at the documentation for the LaunchPad to see how they did it.  There is more information in the datasheet and family users guide   

If I remember correctly there is a firmware example in CCS on how to use the external oscillator.  Energia does it automatically.


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