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where is Engergia Pinout for TM4C123GXl come from

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I'm very new to the microcontroller scene and  would like to know how they got the pinout for

the TMC4124GXL. I downloaded user guide and tried to figure out what pins the leds used. if I'm looking at it right, the Schematic in the user guide,

it shows that they are are connected to  PF 1 - 3. I assumed that the numbers next to them were the pins that they were connected (29 - 30) but this is wrong 


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Welcome to the 43oh forum!

Two questions:

  • Which exact document are you referring to?
  • Which pin numbering are you referring to? It could be the pin number of the MCU or the pin number on the LaunchPad.

I've drawn the pins maps for most of the LaunchPads and BoosterPacks, based on the available data-sheets and on the pin_energia.h files for the Energia implementation.

For example, find the LaunchPad Stellaris LM4F120 and Tiva C Series TM4C123 Pins Maps below.


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