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Rei Vilo

Suggestion: Add a FAQ

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Some topics come aver and over again. Here are the most frequent questions.

Wouldn't be nice to have all of them in one single place?

  • Netiquette for Newbies
  •  What Information to Provide When Asking for Help 
  • I²C Check-List 
  • Porting an Arduino library to Energia



You’d need to use a library for Arduino and port it to Energia. 

Please find some useful links:

Generally speaking, all calls to low-level functions related to the MCU are not portable, because they rely on the MCU architecture. 

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  • Use Pins Number instead of Pins Names with Energia

See Energia website > Pin Maps > Pin Naming


Pin Naming
Users are encouraged to use the physical pin numbers (1-20, 1-40, or 1-80 depending on the LaunchPad) of the BoosterPack header pins as identifiers in their software.  Because these numbers are consistent between all Launchpads, this help to ensure the portability of the user’s software.  Some LaunchPads also support the use of GPIO or Port numbers such as “P1_3”.  These names are not recommended for use and will be deprecated in the future.  New LaunchPads that are added to Energia will not support pin names based on GPIO or Port numbers.


  • Add a New Board to Energia 

See Is it Better to Change Header or Remap GPIO in my Sketch?


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