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Dude, my prayers go out to you. Seriously. BTW, fyi, i frequent the electronic goldmine's "surprise boxes". I you would like, i'll send you a nice box of random components you can hopefully use, or if you tell me what you need, i'll dig through and find some. Also, i'm taking a trip soon, so i have a bunch of sensors you can borrow since i'll be working on a different project down there and for a few months after (ultrasonic, 5 axis IMU, GPS, pressure and temperature sensors (many types), PIR, light, a micro stepper motor, micro dc motors, servos...list goes on). I say "borrow" only because of their worth and i scrapped my pennies together to get them. I only have the launchpad and the chronos 433, but you seem to be getting a ton of micro controllers anyways :).


When will EasyMSP be back, as no versions are up but the lite pack :).


I've just been having the hardest time trying to program for the MP430 (it has to do with the microcontroller set up, and low power state switching and all that) and i'm praying your software works wonders for me.

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