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About early august, a family member died. One month later, my house caught on fire. 3 days later the half of the remaining processions were stolen from the fire damaged house, and I've relocated. It's been a rough 3-4 months.


So whats the good news? i'm writing the the first final release, Version 1.0.x, from scratch, taking in the input from the community.


While i don't have much in equipment and tools, i'll see what i can do.


In short...


I'm back




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Awesome.. welcome back. That looks a lot rough to me.

Hmm.. I did send kits for you to try out on. Did they get destroyed? If yes, I'll try to at least secure a launchpad for you.


Destroyed, no. Gone, Yes.


Service master decided that my development tools were broken electronic pieces and trashed them.

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So heres what i know so far...



Required for code testing.

  • Some form of development kit. (Launchpad, Ez430, Etc...)



Things you think might help EasyMSP.

  • Passives?


and If you would like the item back, i would be happy to return the item back to you at anytime.


Thanks Everyone,



Hopefully i'll find a way to thank everyone...

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Thanks for the list. I think I speak for most here when I say that it makes us feel good to be able to help out one of our own. :D


OK... A quick run across my (fairly pathetic) workbench yields a smattering of semi-useful stuff:

-breadboard and a few jumpers

-few strips of header (M/F)

-various LEDs (sorry, I don't have specs)

-a few GP diodes/transistors

-a couple of 3v vregs and a 317

-a few caps (just about enough to make the vreg circuits)

-a bunch of 470 and 100 ohm resistors

-some tactile buttons

-a couple of proto-boards


PM me your address and I'll send this stuff off and have TI ship a LaunchPad or two direct to you. :D


EDIT: Just remembered: I have an extra servo I can send!

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