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I don't know of a library for the TM4C123G but if you are willing to put some time into it then it should not be too hard to convert the one for the MSP430 or Arduino.  There is a good introductory write-up at Adafruit: https://learn.adafruit.com/ir-sensor/overview.

I was able to use that information and other stuff on the web to figure it out and write my own code.  It helps a lot to have an oscilloscope, or perhaps even better a logic analyzer when working through it.

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I have wirtten code for RC5 and NEC/Samsung decoding that may be of use. It is not written as an Energia library though - I am using CCS and DriverLib.  I use it for my multimedia center so originally only for RC5 commands, I added Samsung (nearly same as NEC) decoding so I could use my TV remote for volume control as well as my dedicated RC5 based remote. The Samsung commands are translated to their RC5 equivalents.



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