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MSP432P401R Remapping Pins

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Part Number: MSP432P401R

I'm using MSP432P401R launchpad and I'm trying to use Energia software program my LCD screen.

however, Energia has pre-define  I/O pins map. For example, on this launchpad the pins  P3_0,P3_1,P3_2 are defined, but I did not see P3_1 anywhere. so is there anyway I could define this add to the pin map? 

and I have to use P3_1 for my design.

Thank for your help

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I don't use Energia for the MSP432 so I don't know if you can - I am not sure it has a pins.h file.  You can look in github and see what has been provided there, e.g. https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/hardware/msp432/cores/msp432/driverlib

I imagine you could use #define and DriverLib to set something up.

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