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Bluetooth Booster Pack / Breakout board - HC05/HC06

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Fix 1 up for testing.   Since it is just a simple breakout board, it works pretty well.

BluePack BoosterPack PCB Wiki Link 43oh Store Link SeeedStudio Store Link   HI Guys,, I will be making a breakout board / Launch Pad booster pack for the Bluetooth module. This will be my first

Final.. I will not try to stuff the board to 50x50mm.  

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I just realized that this is exactly what I was looking for to make my light controller wireless. All I need to do now is to figure out how to send MIDI through Bluetooth on my Mac. Thanks for blazing the trail PentiumPC!


Hi Rob,


It will be an interesting project.


You will need a software driver to convert MIDI to serial and the serial back to MIDI.

Then you will need to do the same for the LaunchPad.

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Would anyone want to redo this board?

PentiumPC has gone AWOL and I cannot get in touch with him. I also do not have the board files with me. I hope he is ok.


I'll be happy to work with the designer of the new boards.


Sorry for going AWOl.. Things got a bit crazy over here. I won't be able to fulfill any orders of finished board until further notice, I have sent the files to bluehash since, he should be able mod or order more PCB if needed..


Hope to be back soon.



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