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CreateAPModeWebServer using CC3100

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One of our customers has reported the problem while using CC3100 with MSP432P401R.

The problem is as follows.

I am using the MSP-432P401R with the CC3100BOOST and I am running the Energia sketch CreateAPModeWebServer.ino(file attached). I modified it just in line 114-118 in order to let me connect before it stops working. I switched from CC3120 to CC3100 because when using the CC3120 I never got an IP or MAC address after I connected to the network.The problem seems to be in line 147: WiFiClient myClient = myServer.available();

That line is never executed. When I click „suspend“,  ccs jumps into the file socket.c to line 717:     VERIFY_PROTOCOL(Msg.Rsp.sd == sd);

It seems that this line is where the program stops for whatever reason.

Could you kindly guide me with this?




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