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Possible to have MSP-EXP432P401R Board availability for all users, Domain Lab Environment

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Energia 1.6.10E18
Windows Education 10 x64 v1511

I am wondering if anyone has had experience or knows how I could make it so a board [RED LaunchPad /w msp432 EMT (48MHz)] will be available to all users in a domain environment.  I originally tried using the CCS Cloud TI Agent but encountered some very odd registry issues with non admin users/domain users (Reference: https://e2e.ti.com/support/development_tools/code_composer_studio/f/81/t/650118#pi316318=2).

We are able to install it fine for everyone with the local admin or administrative domain account, however when we goto Boards Manager and install that board it only applies to the current user.  It looks like it may be specific to the user profile where it is installing this to as the only thing I could find related to the msp432 board was in this file location:  C:\Users\domain_user\AppData\Local\Energia15\packages\energia\hardware\msp432r\5.6.1

Is there a registry or config file somewhere where I can change the location of where the boards get downloaded/installed to so it can be read from a location that all users have access to?


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