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mCPC, C-Programmable Controller

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mCPC430 is an industry ready, freely C-programmable controller, based on MSP430 processor.

It offers the flexibility of C programming language using integrated development environment from Texas Instruments.

The main advantage of using this device is that it can take a product from concept to market in a short time by investing

only in writing the application code.

Thus, the product designer will focus on writing the application code, based on an already designed and tested hardware system.




MSP430F6736A 25 MHz system clock, 128 KB Flash, 8 KB SRAM, 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC, RTC, 32-bit hardware multiplier


32.768 kHz, ±20 ppm

Digital inputs

2 digital inputs

Digital outputs

2 digital outputs, optically isolated, open-collector

Analog inputs

2 universal analog inputs (differential 24-bit)

-          thermistor, RTD Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, 2 or 4 wire

-          bridge sensor

-          electronic device

2 analog 4-20/2-10 mA (10-bit)

Communication interface

-          2 x RS232, ultra-low power

-          RS485, MAX3471, 1.6 μA with receiver enabled

Memory archives

EEPROM, 25LC256, 32768 x 8-bit organization

Power supply

Battery 3.6V, A, AA and/or external power supply 5 ... 27VDC, or photovoltaic panel

Backup power

330 mF supercap

Ambient temperature

-25 … +55 °C


Polycarbonate UL 94 V0, crystal-clear lid, Bocube

Protection Class



Length-151mm  x  Height-80mm  x Width-60mm

mcpc solid works resize.png

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