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MSP430FR4133 - Not able to Convert a Float to string.

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    I am using a MSP430FR4133  launchpad, i am trying to get a float value and send it via sim800. for that i hve to convert the float value to char* or char array. I have tried many conversions but i am not able to get the conversion properly. Even if i get it properly while printing it on the serial. The data is not transmitted in the right format through sim800.

for example if i use dtostrf( buff , "%f" , flaotVal); function in serial monitor only "%f" is getting printed. and if i try other type of convertions , while transmitting through sim800 the right side part of the float value gets added to the decimal values .  have tried ( itoa(), sprintf(), etc..)

for example .. float value = 1.25. and if i tried converting and printing it on serial monitor i am getting it corrrectly as "1.25" . But when i am trying to transmit through sim800 the converted float value is sent as "0.125" instead 1.25 . Can anyone help me with this?.

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The Minimal code Which i Use for the task.

void loop()

duration = pulseIn(pin1, HIGH);

//conditions and statement for calculating sensor value.

 String src = Sim800l.readSms(1);
//  if(Serial.available())
//  {
//    String src = Serial.readString();
   if(src.indexOf("Flow") != -1)
 String buf = String(sensor_val);
 for(int i = 0; i < buf.length()+1;i++)
   text = buf;
//  src = "\0";
//  }

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conversions i had tried .. The above code i had sent only contains a type cast version just before the For statement. 

1. type cast - String buf = String (FloatVal);

2 .snprintf(buffer, sizeof buffer, "%f", myFloat); ////   in this type of float to string conversion if i use %f simply the "%f" is getting printed or transmitted. if i use %d the conversion is not proper.

3 . dtostrf(FloatVal, 4, 3, Buff);


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