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Energia Multitasking Support for the CC3200?[SOLVED]

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Hi Rei Vilo

Heres a weird one:

I have copied your Galaxia folder to my sketchbook library but I get the error 

acllcServ.ino:18:21: fatal error: Galaxia.h: No such file or directory

Am I having a blonde moment??

UPDATE: I moved the libraries out of the src folder and into the galaxia folder and got it to see the Galaxia.h BUT

Theres an error now with the timer.h definitions clashing with the MSP430 timer.h I assume??

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Galaxia doesn't support the MSP430, only the boards supported by Energia MT.

The RTOS elements implemented by Energia MT vary according to the distribution. Some elements are no longer supported, other elements disappear then come back.

Please refer to 

  1. Clock recommended over Timer

Please note this is a work in progress. Some libraries may be available only as pull requests awaiting validation at the Energia GitHub repository. Other may be unstable and not fully tested, especially under critical conditions. Lastly, some RTOS elements may have been removed from the last distribution of Energia MT.

 More broadly, How-To: Porting Libraries, Some Misconceptions about Libraries and Posting a Library for Energia may help you.

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