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Hi guys,

The new Launchpad MSP-EXP432P111 was released some days ago. I bought one and it arrived today :biggrin::ph34r:.


The board use the XMS432P1111 (pre-production version of MSP432) microcontroller, a Cortex M4 with 48MHz, 2MB of flash, 256KB of SRAM (very impressive), 14bit ADC and many other peripherals, like the LCD driver.

Apparently, the LCD is the same of other launchpads (eg.: EXP430FR6989), very interesting to understand how to use the LCD driver and develop some projects.


The Out-of-Box demo has two modes:
- Blink LED, where you can controll the frequency of blink pressing the button S1 and controll the color by pressing the button S2.
- Temperature mode: Show the temperature based in the internal sensor (pressing S2), or based in an external temperature sensor (pressing S1), a LMT70, but it's necessary to put a jumper in R8, powering the sensor.

There is a online GUI enabling to control other parameters like special characters in the LCD.


The finishing of PCB's is impeccable, as always.



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Thanks @bluehash

The main objective is to use this launchpad as part of the embedded system of my thesis related to smart metering.

I can solve two problems
- A simples interface, like the LCDs present in energy meters
- A good amount of flash and mainly of RAM to run signal processing and other things

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6 hours ago, Rei Vilo said:

The LCD library designed for the MSP430FR4133 and MPS430FR6989 shouldn't be difficult to port to the MSP432P111.

The LCD library presently works for the MSP430FR4133 and MPS430FR6989 but shouldn't be difficult to port to the MSP432P111.

The LCD library is called LCD_Launchpad and included in the Energia 18 distribution for MSP430 boards.

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