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MSP430F5529 USB HID Example for Energia

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I doubt you'll find any Energia USB-CDC examples.  For a USB SDK look at the MSP430Ware for the tools you will need. In addition to sample code for a CDC device, there's a primitive Java app that will give you a place to start for MSP430F55xx -> PC communication via USB.  I was able to convert one of the HID sample apps in conjunction with the supplied JAVA libs into a data capture app that interfaces at up to 1 KHz (on a good day, heading downhill with a tailwind). For my app, CDC was not an appropriate choice.

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15 hours ago, Pratik said:

But I want to do programming in C language, not Java.

And I found MSP430F5529(25MHz) board in Energia IDE.

But I am finding USB-MSC/HID based library who supported in Energia IDE.



There is C open source TI USB stack with examples (with one that you need is included)...


Supported by CCS or IAR, not Energia.

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