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How to measure speed with accelerometer?

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Hello to everybody!


I'm trying to make program, that is capable of speed measurement only with data from accelerometer.

It is not a msp430 device, so there is no problem with program memory or CPU speed (I'm using 48Mhz freescale CPU).


Actually I can read data, store them etc. Only problem is that I don't know the way how to calculate speed precisely..

Maybe some numerical method of integration will be usefull. But at first I decided to ask for help if somebody of you did such thing as I want to do.


Thanks for any reply (hope you understand my problem :-)

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As you already noted:


The only way to calculate a speed out of your acceleration-information is to integrate the acceleration over time ;)

should not be that hard to implement - but always remember: the speed measurement could only work for a short time intervall. An acceleration measurement error of 0.01 g sums up to 6 m/s within a minute.

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