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Epaper desk calendar

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Hi all,


So basically instead of buying another one of those desk calendars that you tear of each day as it goes by I decided to make use of an epaper display from Sparkfun (that up until last week had been collecting dust) to create a digital daily calendar.


The screen fits 20 16 segment digits on 2 lines. This gives enough room to display the current day of the week, and date. It is powered by a Li-ion cell from an old laptop battery, rated at 2.4Ah. (My estimates put the battery dying in about 200 years, as this draws ~20mAh for ~6 seconds every 24 hours :D )



This was originally a launchpad project but I ported it to a F2013 board by changing one line, Shows how universal the code is :lol:

The current hardware consists of a F2013 board that I got free from TI during one of their promo's. The board is soldered directly to the back of the epaper breakout board.



The code is attached. The 2kb of flash available on the MSP430F2013 didn't give much wriggle room. currently the code compiles with about 64 bytes of flash free.

Due to the sparkfun breakout board not breaking out the enable pin for the on board boost circuit I found to achieve reasonable low power consumption I had to connect the power Pins of the display to IO pins on the MSP430F2013



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Can you do a parts list?


Sure can:

1x Epaper display - http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10150

1x Epaper display breakout board - http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10304

1x eZ-F2013 dev board* - http://www.ti.com/tool/ez430-t2012

1x 32.768kHz watch crystal

1x SMD button


The eZ-F2013 is just soldered to the breakout board as shown is my original post. then the crystal and button are just soldered directly to the board. (I'll make a schematic for the POTM)


*However a launchpad can be used with a MSP430G2231 or even maybe a MSP430G2211 as the hardware USI has not been used due to routing difficulties.

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