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Is it possible?


Can program fine via launchpad. CC finds my USB-FET430 but fails to find target. I cannot find an option anywhere to set it to program with spybiwire instead of full jtag.....


lmk thanks all

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Make sure USB-FET430 is plugged into USB port before trying this.


1. Open CCS.

2. Open desired project

3. Right click on project name

4. Click on Properties at the bottom of the list

5. Click on CCS Debug in the left pane

6. Click on Debugger Tab

7. Select "Connect to exact CPU" radio button

8. Choose the option that says FET430 in the name.


Come back and tell us if it worked for you.

If it didn't then we have to find "the other" place to reconfigure CCS.


Hit the Thumbs up button on this post if it did work.

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SOLUTION- Despite drivers being installed automatically, win7_64, and showing up correctly in device manager, I needed to update my VCP drivers from here:

processors wiki ti com index php MSP430_JTAG_Interface_USB_Driver

edit it wont let me link....for and some . between processor, wiki, ti

Hope this helps someone in the future.


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