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[Sold] Olimex MSP430 Development Board

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Hello all,

I have a spare MSP430-4619LCD board from Olimex that I'm looking to sell.




MCU: MSP430FG4619 with 120K Bytes Program Flash, 256 Bytes data Flash, 4K Bytes RAM

NOKIA 6610 LCD 128x128 pixels 12 bit color LCD with backlight

Joystick with 4 directions and push button function

two buttons

SD/MMC card connector

MMA7620 3 axis accelerometer

IrDA transciever

UEXT connector which allow other Olimex's modules to be connected like: MOD-MP3, MOD-NRF24L01, etc.

JTAG connector

32 768 Hz oscillator crystal

8Mhz crystall oscillator

power supply voltage regulators and filtering capacitor

extension headers for all uC pins

PCB: FR-4, 1.5 mm (0,062"), soldermask, white silkscreen component print

Dimensions: 81x62 mm (3.19x2.44")


The only downside is that a JTAG programmer is required to program it. This product is unused and in-box. Also comes with a battery connector for two AA batteries.


If you're interested, name a price, and we'll work from there.

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