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A useful dongle for G2553s on the LaunchPad.

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Hmm.. Thanks. Is this in the Launchpad documentation anywhere other than the fact that it is obvious. I know many will break their heads over this tiny thing.


This is something that seems to trip up many newbies to the G2553 or anything in the 2xx3 series with USCI. I was saved from this headache as a result of discussion on #43oh (IRC chat) but many others have been not so lucky.


There isn't really any LaunchPad documentation for this to be included in, and while the pinouts are specified in the data sheets (obviously) the pin swap is *very* easy to miss.


It is worth noting that on the 2211 and 2231 chips the serial is done completely in software and *any* pins can be used for TX and RX. I'm sure that someone went "d'oh" when they realized that that the pins selected for the LP did *not* match those slated to be used in later G2-series chips with hardware serial.


Obviously if you use both the older chips with software serial and the newer chips with hardware serial you might want to make two connection blocks. Alternatively, you could just leave the crossover cable in place and edit your code such that your software serial routines use the same pinouts as the hardware serial pins.

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If you don't need to read data into the MCU, a jumper across P1.1 and P1.2 on the LP allows the USCI UART output to get out through the USB serial interface too. This is nice because now I don't need a special serial cable to see what's happening on the launchpad, regardless of whether I'm using software or hardware UART.

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