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Yeah, we have a Fry's in Austin. It's a bit overwhelming when you walk in there. Anything from home appliances and stereo equipment to computer parts and electronics components. They have a large selection of small electronics kits, tools and parts. Even carry a lot of smd parts as well. Most (99%) of their parts are NTE brand.


I'd give them a :thumbup: and a :!!!: with a little :crazy: mixed in.

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Eh. The Fry's I went to wasn't that great. They had lots of computer and software and books, etc, but I couldn't find a good selection of components and when I asked for a thermistor, they showed me a thermometer/thermostat aisle.

Hmmm. Sad. :(

Did you explore thoroughly? I asked about soldering irons in the one I went to (Woodland Hills, CA?), and the employee looked at me like I was asking for left-handed pfribbits. I looked a bit more and discovered a short aisle full of soldering accessories and at least a dozen types of soldering devices from 25W pencils, to full rework stations. (Even found a nice kit for the kids with iron, solder, cutters, and a through-hole siren kit for $10!)


At that same store, they had two sections of components. They were kind of in the middle of unrelated stuff, though. I know I saw thermistors and 10-turn pots that I nearly bought (spent $150 as it was).


Don't judge all Fry's by that one is all I'm saying. ;)

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