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LP Booster Pack Eagle footprints

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(OK, I have no idea where to put this. BH, feel free to move it around.)


Continuing from viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1348&start=40#p11369


This is the final version; I don't think it can be made any better as well as generic at the same time.


All variants verified against the TI LaunchPad Eagle files.


Thanks to SugarAddict for the corrections.


Pro tip: make your References layer yellow (or any other unused bright color) while placing your components.


Addendum: DipTrace users look here: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2972


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I'm trying to use these for a new BP, but the size doesn't seem quite right. The dimension doesn't start at 0,0, and the board is just under 50mm on one side, and just over on another. I'm using eagle 6 - is this just a conversion issue or something? This is my first board, so I'm really new at this.

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I did them with Eagle 5 -- still have not switched, so I don't know about conversion issues. The size is definitely under 50mm on all sides (Seeed is pretty anal about that). Where the dimension starts doesn't really matter as long as the sides it encloses is smaller than 50mm on both sides (which it is).

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Switch the grid unit to cm, draw dimension lines, switch back to mils. This is already done with the booster pack package, you only have to deal with mils when placing your components. Just stay inside the dimensions.


If this is not the answer, by now I have no idea what the question actually is :).

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