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EM430F6137RF900 and its 32khz crystal

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Hi all,


I would like to install the crystal that came with my EM430F6137RF900 development kit. I check the hardware reference design for this board and it says to install the crystal near this giant solder blob on the board. The labeling Q2/Q3 isn't entirely helpful either, because there doesn't appear to be a convenient pair of holes to solder the crystal into, and the crystal DOES have 2 wires sticking out.


I found some youtube videos of installing a crystal on a board (not the EM430F6137RF900), and the crystal was just soldered onto the board right on the solder blob. This is quite confusing for me, although the packaging looks entirely conductive.


I am not an analog guy, and I don't know crap about board design, or how crystals work. Does anyone have an idea how the crystal should get soldered to this board? FYI board design can be found in SLAU278F p. 117.


Much thanks!

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The BOM says it's supposed to be an SMD crystal, so chances are it is one. Sadly, I can't find anything on the recommended one (ASX-531), but I suppose it's similar to the Micro Crystal one the LaunchPad comes with. If you can lay it flat on a flat surface, it is one :). Fig. B-54 in [tipdf]SLAU278[/tipdf] also suggests this to me.


Look for "solder launchpad crystal" on YouTube, there are some, they'll show you the business.

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