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Booster Pack Header Positioning

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I just make a copy of the project, delete all undeede components and build over that without touching the spacing. I use the original files distributed by TI.

I then do a double check by printing 1:1 on a printer.


Also: Moving to Dev Kits. This thread is for Booster Packs. Each thread is a Booster Pack. Sorry HS, hope you understand.

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This is how I do my boards.

After I am done with schematic, I switch to the board view and change Dimension to 1.9685 (50mm) wide (and tall if I want to maximize the board.) I set Grid to inches and set Size: 0.05 and Alt: 0.005. I place two headers 1.80" apart 0.05 from the left side and finish the layout. After layout is finalized, I select everything inside Dimension outline and alt-move it 0.035 to the right.



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