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Content driven AmbientLight /// LightPack-Clone

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Idea and description:

Inspired by this project (Lightpack: http://code.google.com/p/light-pack/) i started to develop my own solution based on an launchpad equipped with a MSP430G2211, later i had to move on to a MSP430G2553 cause i was runnning out of RAM. Now it makes use of the hardware-UART and can theoretically handle up to 375 frames per second.


How to take control over the

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my RGB-LEDs haven't arrived till now - so i only have a demo with my bar-LEDs on a breadboard ... i will edit it into the first message as soon as they arrive and i soldered some for a first demo




i ported the code to hardware UART and i am now using the DCO-Calibration-Values on a msp430g2553 - this shrinked the codes size by 50% and the compiled result by more than 70% !!!


never wanna miss hardware UART again! its faster, more reliable, and much easier to use :thumbup:

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Yeah! My RGB-LED's have arrived today (CREE-CLV6A) :)


i have altered the Code a bit more as i already said:

- deleted setFrequency - use calibrated DCO instead

- using Hardware-UART

- connectionspeed: 128.000 baud (using an old Nokia CA-42 cable)

- new Brightness-Table

- now i get up to 64 frames per second - wow - more than we need ... but i can do more - actually i send byte by byte ... i will try to send more than one byte a time - lets say for changing the colors an Array of 1 + 32 + 1 bytes / string with a length of 34 characters


- 2 TLC's connected to the MSP430G2553 (on Launchpad) as usual

- 100 nF between each GND and Vcc of the TLC

- i will create the schematics later


- some more details on controlling the


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Hey, i plan to write my software for 2 TLC's ... 32 LED's ... 10x RGB + 2 white LED's (or maybe ultraviolet???)


actually i drive exactly this configuration with up to 400 fps !!! (enough for my next project :D) :roll: but without scanning the pixels of the desktop ... this takes from 20 up to 100 ms on a modern computer ... depending on the resolution ... cpu ... and also OS ... win 7 with aero-effects is a real performance-badass


so ... lets say you want at minimum 50 fps ... so it should be possible to use up to 16 TLC's ... 256 PWM-outputs at a refresh-rate of 50 fps ... WOW ... without the part off scanning the desktop ... but maybe for programming an effect-matrix or whatever


i think this is the absolute maximum now ... so i will go on to the next part - scanning the desktops pixels and set the right color for each LED


here's a video of the latest version (sorry for bad quality - i dont have a HD-cam :!!!: ):

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i soldered the LEDs today - will melt them into some plastics tomorrow


here are some pics and a short demonstration running at 50 fps at the host + transition speed 8 on the "client"



(first try - the others look much better and are ready for melting into plastics, at the end i will use double-faced adhesive tape to fix them to the back of my monitor)



(first 2 LEDs wired to the bread-board)


(needed to turn back the brightness to absolute minimum - otherwise the camera could not capture it correct =/ )

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I would suggest making the traces thicker than 10 mil and only going to 10 mil when you need to (like when your trace goes between the pins of the TLC5940).


I say this because from experience etching is alot easier and more reliable when you have less copper to remove (and ground planes get annoying if you have no solder mask.)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi there - long time since my last post but now i am back with a new layout. This time i decided to some vias - but as less as possible. I replaced the DC jack with 2 solder pads and increased the width of all traces to 20 mil. I also shrinked the overall size of the pcb.


Maybe you can point out some more improvements i can make to the pcb - and i will try to realize them :)



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