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F5529 Breakout Dev Board (Now with pics!)

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Got the boards today from Seeed... couldn't help but solder at least one up... and I'm sad... the USB is failing (Unknown device / malfunctioning device) but programming it via a LP with SBW works fin

So this is a work in progress... A fair bit of it is a copy off of TI's 5529 Experimenters Board because it's the basics required for operation... some of it just looked sane as well. Simple RC filte

And now that parts finally showed up (yay for china ordering...) here's two pics of a fully pop'd one. I will be sending 3 of these to the store for BH at some time in the future... might send him th

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Gotta say that is a seriously nice looking board.


Where did you get the boards made up and for how much? I have a few 5529s sitting here (not had any success trying to home etch a board for them.. the pitch is finer than my etching abilities)... I think Im gunna have to admit defeat and get a fabbing house to knock some up for me.


I saw the schematic and board files in an earlier post so I think I can go from there.


Thanks once again.. they look awesome..



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