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F5529 Breakout Dev Board (Now with pics!)

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Got the boards today from Seeed... couldn't help but solder at least one up... and I'm sad... the USB is failing (Unknown device / malfunctioning device) but programming it via a LP with SBW works fin

So this is a work in progress... A fair bit of it is a copy off of TI's 5529 Experimenters Board because it's the basics required for operation... some of it just looked sane as well. Simple RC filte

And now that parts finally showed up (yay for china ordering...) here's two pics of a fully pop'd one. I will be sending 3 of these to the store for BH at some time in the future... might send him th

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OK, so I went to the Post Office today and got a surprise. My SA 5529 board showed. It is white, very white.

I like it. First step, solder on some male headers. Second step, cross fingers and plug it in. Great! it shows

up as a usb device on linux:


$ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 048: ID 2047:0200 Texas Instruments MSP430 USB HID Bootstrap Loader



I looked around for how to communicate with it on linux using mspdebug via the USB BSL. That didn't yield any

results that jumped out at me on google. I quickly decided to give up on that tack and went looking for the

test/reset/vcc/gnd pins so I could see some blinky lights. Time to whip up a little test program to toggle P1.0.

Here is a picture of that setup. Bonus! the led is even on in the picture:




Fun! So now I have lots of reading to do. I'd like to figure out how to use BSL over USB. However, I'll probably

still use the setup so I can do debugging using msp430-gdb.


Oh yeah, I'm using msp430-gcc and mspdebug to program this device. Free CCS just isn't going to cut it with

128k of available Flash.


Thanks SA!

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@Rickta59, you beat me to posting a pic. My board arrived too. Had to pick up the kiddo and do homework before I could solder and tinker with it.


Built a quick blinken-light function and running SimpliciTI. Now it's time to borrow some of RobG's code and get a 5110 running until I decide on an oled.


Big thanks to SugarAddict! This has already become my new favorite dev board.



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Using RobG's code for the 5110 lcd, I have a display going on UCA1 SPI. Changes are below:


#define LCD5110_SCLK_PIN BIT0
#define LCD5110_DN_PIN BIT4
#define LCD5110_SCE_PIN BIT3
#define LCD5110_DC_PIN BIT5

#define LCD5110_SELECT P4OUT &= ~LCD5110_SCE_PIN
#define LCD5110_DESELECT P4OUT |= LCD5110_SCE_PIN
#define LCD5110_SET_COMMAND P4OUT &= ~LCD5110_DC_PIN
#define LCD5110_SET_DATA P4OUT |= LCD5110_DC_PIN
#define LCD5110_COMMAND 0
#define LCD5110_DATA 1

void writeToLCD(char dataCommand, char data) {
   if(dataCommand) {
   } else {
   UCA1TXBUF = data;
   while(!(UCA1IFG & UCTXIFG))

	// spi for lcd
P4OUT |= BIT3 + BIT5;
P4DIR |= BIT3 + BIT5;
P4SEL |= BIT0 + BIT4;

void UCA1_init_lcd(void)
// spi for lcd
UCA1CTL0 |= UCCKPH + UCMSB + UCMST + UCSYNC;  // 1st edge cap; msb 1st; master; sync
   UCA1CTL1 |= UCSSEL_2;                     // smclk
   UCA1BR0 |= 0x01;
   UCA1BR1 = 0;
   UCA1CTL1 &= ~UCSWRST;                     // enabled

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Ok, after working out the details with SugarAddict, I'm posting some updated pics of the F5529 board. If you plan on going wireless with the RF2500T, you'll need to solder the pins to the bottom of the board. I made some standoffs from a hotglue stick in .7" segments. Simply, heated the end with a lighter and stuck them in place.




I'm making an adapter board to connect MDFLY's cc2500 board to the ezRF header. If there's any interest I'll produce a few and give them out for the cost of shipping. Also, I can put together a basic wireless software package for the F5529 board to post in the code vault. There will be simple package built from TI's CC2500 libraries and a full SimpliciTI package as well.


BTW, this board is pretty fantastic. It's slowly becoming the base prototype for my greenhouse controller. I want to drop the 5110 and add a larger OLED or TFT with a touchscreen. If you haven't had a chance to grab one of these boards from SugarAddict, you definitely should!

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Eh... I'm routing it a 2nd time... probably let you three be guinea pigs (on top of the three boards I've got soldered here for myself) and do the remaining 4 chips on a new board with a few adjustments... Even at the monetary loss this project sure has been enlightening :) Totally worth it! Maybe I'll drop one on BH for January PotM and just sell two more at-cost... Plus I'll have some bare boards and parts left over... Could partially solder those if someone feels like buying that at-cost and finishing it themselves. Choices :)

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Check the width of your power and ground traces.


They appear to be 0.006" which is pretty much just a fuse. POOF!


Make them 0.020" if you can. If you can't because of routing issues then back the trace to 0.015" just for that tight spot.


Also, change the crystal tracks that are shaped like a "Y". The 45' angled portion of the track should be 2x thickness of the track ie: track width = 0.06" so then the 45' angle should be 0.012" long. Anyhow, route those crystal tracks tighter to the crystal pads. Looks too much like a dipole antenna to me.


Make sense?


I can't tell. Have you put a ground pour on the board?

Pour ground everywhere you can.

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