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F5529 Breakout Dev Board (Now with pics!)

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Got the boards today from Seeed... couldn't help but solder at least one up... and I'm sad... the USB is failing (Unknown device / malfunctioning device) but programming it via a LP with SBW works fin

So this is a work in progress... A fair bit of it is a copy off of TI's 5529 Experimenters Board because it's the basics required for operation... some of it just looked sane as well. Simple RC filte

And now that parts finally showed up (yay for china ordering...) here's two pics of a fully pop'd one. I will be sending 3 of these to the store for BH at some time in the future... might send him th

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According to TI all devices come preprogrammed with a bootloader: :clap:


Posted by Jens-Michael Gross

replied on 06-09-2011 6:35 PM

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Adi Zholkover:

some mSP430F55xxx devices come with pre-programmed USB BSL ?


No, all MSPs with integrated USB controller have one. :) Most of the others have a serial BSL. Only the G series has none at all.

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Yea, I need to write some test code to put on it... Unless someone already has some I could easily adapt to just test with.


Gotta do this :D And to answer the question from earlier: It does appear to require an external clock source for the USB PLL... You could try to get the internal clock to do it but all the references I keep seeing talk about XT1 and XT2, or XT1 in bypass mode. PLL Startup Sequence

To achieve the fastest startup of the PLL, the following sequence is recommended.

1. Enable VUSB and V18.

2. Wait 2 ms for external capacitors to charge, so that proper VUSB is in place. (During this time, the

USB registers and buffers can be initialized.)

3. Activate the PLL, using the required divider values.

4. Wait 2 ms and check PLL. If it stays locked, it is ready to be used.

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Read slau319 if you haven't already. There are a few specific xtal freq that work with USB bootloader.


"3.3.2 Hardware Requirements

The USB Peripheral Interface requires the use of a high frequency oscillator on XT2. For the BSL to

function properly, the oscillator can be 24 MHz, 12 MHz, 8 MHz, or 4 MHz."


"1.3.3 Devices With USB

Devices with USB are invoked when either of the following two conditions are met:


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Yeah if you look at page 713 of the family guide you will see note 1 on table 31-2 that says those are the frequencies that are autodetected by the factory supplied BSL for production programming of the chips. I just have to program it to use the XT2 that I put on there (32MHz)... been reading up on programming the 5529 on breaks today so I should have some test code for the USB this evening or this weekend.

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So far... this is the list of reading material I've figured out... I've hit some other random PDF's as well...


  • [*:uh7yrmzp]
USB Field Firmware Updates
[*:uh7yrmzp]USB HID Windows API Guide
[*:uh7yrmzp]Programming via BSL PDF
[*:uh7yrmzp]Programming via BSL Source
[*:uh7yrmzp]5529 Landing Page
[*:uh7yrmzp]5529 Datasheet
[*:uh7yrmzp]Family Datasheet
[*:uh7yrmzp]5529 Example Sources
[*:uh7yrmzp]Core Libraries PDF
[*:uh7yrmzp]Core Libraries Source

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