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F5529 Breakout Dev Board (Now with pics!)

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Got the boards today from Seeed... couldn't help but solder at least one up... and I'm sad... the USB is failing (Unknown device / malfunctioning device) but programming it via a LP with SBW works fin

So this is a work in progress... A fair bit of it is a copy off of TI's 5529 Experimenters Board because it's the basics required for operation... some of it just looked sane as well. Simple RC filte

And now that parts finally showed up (yay for china ordering...) here's two pics of a fully pop'd one. I will be sending 3 of these to the store for BH at some time in the future... might send him th

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Nah, I even put g0rdon's LP part on the schematic to use the overlay on the board to see where the 10 pin headers would sit and it would have created a disaster to make those mountable... On a smaller version (such as what I'm doing next for RobG) it might be easier since there's a lot less pins... Something I should aim for RobG?

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Fixed some layer issues with text (had some on tDocu... wtf? Moved them to tPlace), moved button pads outward a tad and increased their pad size a hair, added through hole vias to XT2 crystal pad... maybe did something else, I forget? lol Will see what else I may need to tweak once the boards show up... got all the Mouser parts today! :D (Accidentally got RA headers for the JTAG, not a big deal at all... RF2500T headers are male as well!)




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Hey SugarAddict (and RobG, Zeke and other guys in this thread)


I have some questions about the F5529 USB usage on e2e.


Greg Whitmore posted a reply with a link to your discussion here. Can you please take a look at my questions and try to answer them? I wanted to include a direct link pointing to my questions, but this forum, 43oh, complains: "Your post looks too spamy for a new user, please remove off-site URLs." I'm sure if you search for keywords "F5529 USB" you'll find it.


I am familiar with the F5438A and I laid out my own boards based on that. That was in the pre-F55xx days, before TI integrated USB connectivity on chip. Now, these new F55xx devices seem pretty good, only they are still too new for a lot of docs to be available. So, before I commit the design to FR4, I thought I ask around.


I just re-read my own questions just now, and perhaps they need a little more explanation. I am only concerned with the minimum circuit to get the USB port in the F5529 working, at this time. I will add a bunch of analog stuff, op-amps and I/O lines to the rest of the circuit, but those will come later. My questions were promted by the lack of clear documentation on the USB.


Thanks, Sanyi

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Just from a couple minutes of looking this morning, I would say check the family users guide on page 712-715 about USB clocking, page 415 shows you can use either ACLK or SMCLK for the RTC clocking, and 708 explains the PUR resistor useage (100ohm resistor, value shown page 76 of F5529 datasheet)...


I'll respond again from work when I have a moment to look at the sheets...

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Thanks SugarAddict for your reply. When you take a deeper look, consider the board to operate from a 3.3V Vreg, not USB powered. And I will want to program it via the JTAG connection, not through the boot loader. So, in this case do I even need the crystals at all, and what do I do with the PUR input?

Did this clarify I obfuscate?

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