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Learning Python

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I got a call from a sales droid from Embarcadero today. He wanted me to buy RadStudio XE2. 10% off until the end of the month. I asked him "Where have you been since 2005? C++Builder has been a walking zombie since then."


That got me thinking of the alternatives to their mega dollar programming environment. Python and Qt came to mind.


So, while googling for python gui programming, I stumbled onto Google's python class tonight.


I watched the first video on youtube. I think I'll be watching the rest of them.


I've also put this author on my reading list: Mark Summerfield


I am hoping that I can make interactive programs kinda like this live data monitor only with two way communication.


Anyhow... I'm starting with Google's online Python class.

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I am learning Python in college right now as an experienced programmer. We are using one of the books linked on that list you showed: http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpytho ... ython.html

It's a pretty good book but is a bit basic. Python is pretty darn easy to learn just sitting down and trying with Google at your side.


I also use PyQt /PyQwt at work and its pretty neat. A lot easier than Java and Swing in my mind. The development in Python is freaking fast. I'd recommend it.

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