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[TIDEALS] F2806x controlSTICK at 25% off.

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Just a reminder, that there should be a new deal today, assuming that they are keeping up with the every second Tuesday routine. Any guesses as to what it might be? Anything in particular that you guys are looking forward to?


You can tell that I always get psyched about these things. :D




F2806x controlSTICK at 25% off. Not quite the steal that some of the deals are, but still seems like a good deal.


http://tideals.com/ti-deal-week-sept-27 ... -oct-11th/ (Thanks Fred for finding the link)

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Looks like they've hidden it already,


If it is indeed going to be a Piccolo controlStick, I'm certainly surprised. Still, it looks like a nice gateway device to make the jump from TI's 16-32 bit hardware.


The Piccolo controlStick was indeed one of the parts that you can get CCS full for free, along with a 15% hardware discount. What was the discount for the Piccolo? 50%? Maybe the rest of the TI uCU divisions are finally getting a clue? I hope that means that we can see a real deal on Stellaris soon!




Link is back up!

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Hmm.. is there a code to get free CCS?? can't find it anywhere.



I thought you were going to sleep.


haha, ever been sleepless over some ideas or code? that you have to wake up just to figure it out? (wife screaming and kids crying) haha..


Free full version of CCS can keep me up for a long time, same kind of feeling.


So does it come with free full version of CCS?



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