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Programming/Flashing with MSP-FET430UIF in linux

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Hi guys,


I'm just getting started with my CC430F6137 kit, and I really would appreciate some help.


I have seen a fair number of tutorials on how to set up eclipse with the mspgcc toolchain, but there is one thing that escapes me... how do I get my code on the microcontroller??? My programmer thingy is the MSP-FET430UIF. I can get mspdebug to connect to it just fine like this:


mspdebug -j -d /dev/ttyUSB0 uif




I can compile my code just fine like this:


msp430-gcc -Os -mmcu=cc430f6137 -o test2.elf test2.c

msp430-objdump -DS test2.elf > test2.lst

msp430-objcopy -O ihex test2.elf test2.hex


And I think this is the right order of operations here (but damned if I know what an elf file is, other than around x-mas time with santa). Great. So I am supposed to flash the hex file to my chip? I have no idea how to do this. Do I do this with mspdebug?


Any help that could be given would be greatly appreciated.





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(mspdebug) prog file.hex

In mspdebug's case, you don't need to convert it to Intel hex (if there are no other reasons for you to do so), it will just work fine with prog'ing file.elf directly.


You may have to use load instead of prog; it's only the FRAM parts that need it that I know off the top of my head, though. Whichever works for you.


More on ELF :).

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Which CC430F6137 kit do you have? Is it the Chronos, or one of the larger development boards?


As gordon suggests, don't bother converting it to hex. Prog / Load will work just fine in mspdebug with elf files. The difference between prog and load is that (to my recollection) load doesn't overwrite all of the memory. I generally use prog unless load fails (e.g. on the FRAM boards).

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