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Booster pack sub-forum

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Hello everyone,


First, we should start calling shields as booster packs. What do you guys say?


Second, since many members are creating extension boards, would it be better to have a sub-forum under dev kits, so that they can all be in one place? Your boards also get exposure.




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ooh, I like the name "Payload". Must have not struck them. It happens.


Imagine having different payloads:

Booster pack--------> battery

Nav pack -----------> compass/gps etc

Propulsion pack ---> actuators


Anyway, I'll create the new sub-forum. It will be in the MSP430 Technical forums for a few weeks so it gains visibility and then moved under dev kits.


Thanks everyone.

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How about Lunar Module? :lol:

Or Daughter Board? :think:


The name Booster pack seems dumb to me. I guess I ain't drank that cool-aid yet.

Try the Cherry! But the grape is particularly 'en-trance-ing'! :lol:


Truly the name 'Command Module' would have more appropriate to me then Booster Pak

would have a tad more sense.

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