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[TIDEALS] eZ430-RF2500-SEH Solar Energy Harvesting Tool.

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Just a reminder (I've been watching it closely for the past few days). TI will have a new deal today at 4:30 PM CST.   http://tideals.com/     *edit*   Also includes a free eZ430-RF2500T.  

Nope, just 3. You'd have 4 if you got the full ez430-rf2500 kit https://estore.ti.com/EZ430-RF2500-MSP430-Wireless-Development-Tool-P1148.aspx but this deal is just for 1 ez430-rf2500t https://estore.

I think the RF2500T's are the most valuable part of that deal.   Each RF2500T is $20. It's like they threw in the solar stuff for another $15. :think:   Nice deal but I'm going to pass this one

Yeah, my SEH kit showed up today with the RF2500T shipping separately.


TI's packaging isn't too bad. I won't buy from Newark/Element14 simply because of their extreme over-packaging. Way too much waste and most can't be recycled.


@Fred BTW, does your kit work? I've had the solar panel in the full Texas sun for about 15 minutes and it won't power up.


EDIT: It's working. Only took about 30 minutes to get fully charged. The demo is nice but to import the code into CCS is a pain. To make it work (for now), it needed a fresh CCS workspace. It's set up to use DEV_ROOT as a linked resource directory. I was using DEV_ROOT as the root for SimpliciTI 1.1.1

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Sometimes TI doesn't always send from the same distribution location. I've had orders that shipped from Texas, orders that were shipped on behalf of Arrow, and orders that shipped from TI in Singapore.


So it may simply be that they ran out of the part domestically and they are waiting on a new shipment or shipping it from somewhere else. I also noticed that my order was split as well. I think that the main kit should have arrived at my house today.

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I also ordered this tool.

I'm a little confused how J8 works. Are there any real schematics of the board? I can't find them :(

Does anybody know the correct way how to handle the board/the batteries to not damage it when storing in a box while not in use?

I read something about a brief draw of ~30mA to bring the module in a cutoff state. Otherwise the boost converter would draw something about 800nA from the batteries until they die.

My problem is: I don't get what state the energy harvester is in while shipped and stored from ti, in what state it goes when removing the jumper at J8 and how to correctly put the kit back in "storage mode" to not damage it over time.




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