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[TIDEALS] eZ430-RF2500-SEH Solar Energy Harvesting Tool.

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Just a reminder (I've been watching it closely for the past few days). TI will have a new deal today at 4:30 PM CST.   http://tideals.com/     *edit*   Also includes a free eZ430-RF2500T.  

Nope, just 3. You'd have 4 if you got the full ez430-rf2500 kit https://estore.ti.com/EZ430-RF2500-MSP430-Wireless-Development-Tool-P1148.aspx but this deal is just for 1 ez430-rf2500t https://estore.

I think the RF2500T's are the most valuable part of that deal.   Each RF2500T is $20. It's like they threw in the solar stuff for another $15. :think:   Nice deal but I'm going to pass this one

Yes, you end up with 3 total radios out of this order. Not a bad deal at all.


The range is pretty limited mostly due to the chip antenna and compact form factor of the rf2500t. I could see these kits http://www.ti.com/tool/cc2500-cc2550dk getting much farther range using the cc2500. Or maybe it's only determined by how much $ you put into it. Those are expensive. :!!!:

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@gwdeveloper. I'm going to grab that receipt for the blog.


I think it comes with a grand total of 3 wireless target boards, but I'm not sure. Looks like the kit normally had two, and the third is the freebie.


Looks like 4 target boards...no?

Two on the harvestor and two on the RF2500.

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I saw the deal when the page appeared early and decided not to bother. However, the extra target board just swung it and I ordered one. (I'm not sure the extra board was there early, or if it was I missed it.)


I've still not done anything with the Chronos yet - other than wear it to tell the time. It's actually a nicer watch that I expected.

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