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o_O Awesome discussion. zeke, I agree on cde's view on the previous logo. But I like the battery. One thing though, we should not be mistaken as a battery company. Would you think that is the case?


Thanks for the renderings, zeke. You are quick.


I think what is missing is that one visual element that screams MSP430 when you see it. If we can find that then we've succeeded.


I joked to myself and said "I should render the DCO graphically. That'll do it."



So, I ask, what is the one thing about the MSP430 that you feel strongly about? Either hate or love.


1. Timer?

2. DCO?

3. Interrups?

4. LPM?


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I'll agree with RobG here. The 430 is an MCU, not a battery. I'd take off the

little nub/battery terminal at the end and add 14 or 20-pins/legs to the rectangle

around the 43Oh. Maybe put the legs at a slant to make it seem the 430's moving out! :)


The battery-style logo could be useful, if printed on stickers, for wrappers around

AA or AAA batteries for a 430 project.


Just my thoughts.


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