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Converting a 3-Digit Number to Characters for a LCD Display

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I have do this often for my LCD display output, and wrote a routine called BCDdecode that does it for 3 digits,

and then returns the remainder so it can work for more digits if needed.

And also note if d3 is zero, it is just doing two digits


unsigned short
BCDecode(unsigned short val, unsigned char *d1, unsigned char *d2, unsigned char *d3)
 *d1 = val % 10;
 val = val / 10;
 *d2 = val % 10;
 val = val / 10;
 if (d3)
   { *d3 = val % 10;
     val = val / 10;
 return val;

// and example use to display temp

LCDout_temp (unsigned short temp)
 unsigned short val = temp;
 char d1,d2,d3,d4;

 BCDecode(val, &d1, &d2, &d3);
 if (d3 > 0) {
 else {
   LCDout(1, ' ');
 LCDout(1, 'F');

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