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Problems with Energia on MSP430 LaunchPad

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We are on Energia topic, so I guess that if you want to use Energia for developement, there is limited number of boards or MSP430 devices with pin mapping, by default supported by Energia (MSP430G2553, MSP430F5529, MSP430FR4133, MSP430FR5739, MSP430FR5969, MSP430FR6989). All FRAM devices are with 20-bit CPU Xv2, same as 5xx/6xx flash family, but they are limited by FRAM wait states. However, it is easier to write to FRAM (same as RAM), than to flash, during runtime. 

For TI, flash 2xx/5xx/6xx family is finished story, and today they are pushing FRAM family.

eZ-FET on G2 LP is limited with not updatable firmware and to some of 2xx SBW target, with 9600 bps USB-UART bridge. New LP's are with updatable eZ-FET Lite on board (open software and hardware) that can program all TI MSP430 SBW devices, 115200 bps USB-UART bridge and Energy trace.

I guess that you can develop your project on Energia with G2 LP (that you already have), and than later (if there is need for this) port it to some other device. 


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Hi Jazz,

Thanks for your comprehensive response!  I will continue developing on my MSP430G2553 using your hints earlier concerning LPM3 with ACLK active.

Are you confident that I will be able to port to a smaller form factor chip when we get to prototyping?



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Hi all,

I am well underway with the MSP430G2553 Launchpad developing my game.  Battery life is now an issue I have to address, and for this I have built in a photo resistor sensor that I want to use to put the processor to deep sleep when it is dark.  Trouble is, I have no idea how to achieve this without keeping the processor awake to monitor the sensor!  Is it possible to generate an interrupt from the sensor that suppresses all other interrupts until it is light enough for the game to commence?

Some help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Mark

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Hi Marlers,

I am a very new in this topic and I have the same trouble :

msp430-g++: error: <name>\AppData\Local\Energia15\packages\energia\tools\msp430-gcc\4.6.5/include: No such file or directory

but i don't know how changue the name of the user folder D:

How resolve it? do you change the name of the folder? o move the forder of energia? 


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