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warning system, 4-5 ultrasonic sensors

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I'm working on a warningsytem with ultrasonic parking sensors.(https://www.dometic.com/nl-be/be/producten/veiligheid-en-beveiliging/voertuigaccessoires/parkeerhulpen/dometic-magicwatch-mwe-7106f-_-63981)) In some cases there are 5 sensors needed but most times just 4 sensors. 

The system has to have an on/off mode with the use of a pushbotton. There wil also be an extra sensor at the input (analog or digital, not certain yet) witch determines the field that has to be monitored. In the case of digital, there are going te be 1 or 2 sensors. At the output there are a Led (to signal broken or dirty sensor), a buzzer that gives different beeps depending on the distance to the object. To stop the moving of the vehicle, I also need a breakcontact so the output of the control has to be a relay.


Input: 4/5 ultrasonic sensors, pushbotton,1 analog sensor or 1/2 digital sensors.

Output: Led, buzzer, relay

I want to make 4 differrent zones. Each zone has it's own beeping sound and the last zone (closed to the object) also has to switch the relay. after 2 seconds, the relay has to switch again and then the driver has again 2 seconds to move the vehicle. If that doesn't happen, the relay has to switch again. When the extra sensor signals '1' or a certain analog signal, then the zones themself stay the same. but they al move 20cm further from the vehicle.

I'm using the PGA460-F5529-BNDL, it contains the MSP-EXP430F5529LP and the BOOSTXL-PGA460. The programming of the MSP430 isn't going to bad but I can seem to make the sensor work with the BOOSTXL. The sensors are Lin connected and n expert told me that I can connect them with One-Wire UART. It doesn't seem to connect but maybe I'm using the wrong pins or something. Then there's also the problem that I have to communicate with every sensor individualy. The expert said that it's possible if every sensor has it own code, then the sensor knows if the signal is for him or not. They are namely all connected with one wire.

Does somebody had experience with this? It would be great if someone could tel me how I should place everything but an example program would be absolutely awesome!

Sorry for my terrible english, I hope it's a bit understandable.


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