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Can We add MSP430FR2311 LP to Energia IDE

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MSP430FR2311 is available in Energia but is hidden. The reason for this is that the FR2311 has very little memory to work with. With 4K FRAM / 1K SRAM the most you will be able to run is along the lines of Serial + Blinky. 

You can enable it at your own risk. To set the right expectation, I will not be able to support you if things don't turn out to work / you run out of memory.

To enable support. Install the latest core through the board manager in Energia.

Edit the board file boards.txt in the location below and uncomment the MSP430FR2311 section.

On GNU/Linuxes: ~/.energia15/packages/energia/hardware/msp430/1.0.3
On Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Energia15\packages\hardware\msp430\1.0.3
On MacOS: ~/Library/Energia15/packages/hardware/msp430/1.0.3
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