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Hi, I was working on interfacing my MSP430 with a 4x4 keypad and I stumbled upon this application report.

Then I looked into the specific low power modes of the F5529 and noticed that there was a LPM4.5.

The application report uses LPM4 as it isn't the same device, and I was wondering if it was possible to use LPM4.5 as the device was waiting for keypad input as my goal is to minimize power usage. 

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7 hours ago, dubnet said:

You would need to take a look at the documentation for the F5529 to verify that it can be awakened with a GPIO interrupt.  In a very deep sleep, IIRC, the list of available interrupt sources gets shorter.  So if LPM4.5 supports a GPIO transition as a wakeup source you should be good to go.

On page 51 of the data sheet for the F5529, it states "Wake-up signal from RST/NMI, P1, and P2" listed under the Low-power mode 4.5 section. That confirms it as an option for what I'm trying to implement, right?


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