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Rei Vilo

I²C Check-List

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My I²C device doesn't work with Energia but works on Arduino...


Check the usual suspects:

  • Is the I²C bus initialised?
  • Does the I²C device run at 3.3V?

Otherwise, use a logic-level converter.

  • Are pull-ups installed?

Try 10, 4.7 or 2.2 kΩ for the SDA and SCL lines.

  • In case the LaunchPad provides multiple I²C ports, is the correct port selected?


    Wire.setModule(0); // or other port number
  • Still nothing?

Use a logic analyser to trace the signals on the I²C port.


(To be continued...)

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Hi Rei,

Thanks for your response.  I have visited that link many times but the info is a bit sparse, and has not helped me.

Do you have any more specific advice please?



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