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I am a newbie to MSP430 have coded on AVR and Arduino and trying out MSP for thr first time.

Currently working on a project involving keypad, LCD, Ethernet.

I have managed to find libraries of keypad and LCD and they seems to be working.

But there is very few resources of ethernet and could not find anything.

i have seen a post regarding W5200 but i unable to understand it, also RobG booster pack and library for W550 is great but i dont have the module and is out of stock.

If anybody have any links on how to create the library for a newbie would be great and if they have a library for lets say Web client it would be awesome


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@Rei Vilo Thanks for the reply, the link you gave is for arduino, and i have a project of data acquistion which is working with Ethernet shield also i found out wiznet 5100 library for energia but it doesn't seem to compile but later i saw two post one from @RobG for Wiznet 550 which was interesting but the module seems out of stock and other from @spirilis but i was unable to understand it.

Basically i need a library for CCS which can run the sample code of WebClient in Arduino.


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