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4 character LED matrix

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This small project combines a MSP430G2231, Found in the launchpad. and a small size 4 character dot matrix display. To create a very small scrolling LED display.


Here is a video:

(Looks like I can't embed it due to lack of posts :lol: )



Unfortunately the display features 4 distinct 5x7 modules inside of it with gaps between each one. But by scrolling text "behind" these gaps, the human brain can bee fooled into seeing a relatively legible assortment of letters.


Scrolling speed can be altered currently the speed is nearish to the maximum I can easily distinguish.

The two timer compare modules are being used to: increment time, scroll display. and the watchdog interrupt used to multiplex the display.


I have code that displays and increments time and date. But haven't finished it yet. Hopefully I can get that done soon. then get back to my previous project the arrowlog. :think:


If there are any suggestions as to what this can be used for I would love to hear them. :thumbup:

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Ideally enough, that could work off a single 3v coin cell battery. I have some LED giftcards/badges that have 7x21 red leds, 4 buttons, 7 transistors, and an eprom, powered by a 2032 3v coin cell. The battery limits the current to no need for resistors. So minimal.

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