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ProFLEX01 Eagle library

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Does this appeal to anyone more?   This will fit on the LP and mount the FLEXpro module. It provides access to another MSP if needed, and also allows for the J3 connections to use the programmer.

I think it's cool, even if it only really benefits the most from snapping right in and using the emulator without a G2 value line uC installed. Though I know that others might not care for it since t

You got me thinking Doc, and it would be a waste not to provide for the onboard antenna. Is this what you had in mind?  

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Finally got the boards in from China.


These ones worked out nice, and most of the intentions are a success. There are a couple of errors, ie. the LED pin doesn't line up, but otherwise I have a slight chubby. I am still figuring out how to deal with the expansion potential of these, I was even thinking of stackable daisy chained devices which is possible with the layout.

Of course, first, I need to reflow and do some more connections. I have two versions.....



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Has anyone had any luck getting the modules to communicate with anything?


Hey Rob- I was wondering if you could share that hello code you got working with yours? Did you use the LP to program it or as a UART interface?


I am getting geared up to get into it, as solar projects lose their charm this time of the year in Chicago...... :mrgreen:

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I was kind of stuck in a thinking rut regarding TI's power pad technology. It was my intent to provide ventilation, or in the case of power pads, freedom to solder the bottom without using a toaster oven. I think it will help cool it down, but not as much as a copper heatsink would...


Update: The hole works nice for tape during reflow action

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in the last year i have fabbed a couple of simple pin out pcbs to plug into a breadoard. these mods come preprogrammed with the lsr firmware/software to play ping pong. works well out of the box. I have found the difficulty with the mod is zigbee. lots to learn here. ended up needing to get iar. please do infom if you have any success wth linux or ccs....

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