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PCB breakout boards

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About to lose my SH&%$ trying to make a PCB design in the correct format for upload. I got I nice one together today using design spark PCB, with perfect dimensions, but i cannot get the gerbers into eagle and the *.PCB file is apparently proprietary. I have tried the converters, and several other programs, but they all eventually give me some BS about "lite" versions. What is the best way to deal with this?



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If you have the gerber files, that's all you need to have the PCB made. There shouldn't be any reason to import them into Eagle.

One word of advice, go to http://circuitpeople.com/ and verify your Gerber files, especially fonts.

Make a head count first. I mistook the dimensions as 10PCBs for $10. But this is larger. Let me know once you place the order out, I'll Paypal you $25.

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OK folks!


It's so close I can taste it. Lets get together and put in some real numbers. I dont think 10 will satisfy the demand, I want to start out with 3 ( in case of a FU). Others seemed to want many as well. For twenty we are looking at $55 for production and delivery to me. This is as far as I got:



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